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Thread: Fun Guns

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    I have gotten most of my bucket list guns. But not this one, yet.310041-sawnoffdb.jpg

    - ML

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    Quote Originally Posted by IANative View Post
    Here's a pair I bought strictly for fun. Current manufacture reproductions of the 1851 Colt Navy and the 1866 Winchester Yellow Boy, both chambered in .38spl...Attachment 57185
    Works of art!
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    A S&W model 1917 in 45 CL. Doesn't have to be a triple lock, just old, in excellent condition. My family and my friend already owned a total of 4 of these. Three in 455 Webley and one in 45 ACP.

    Back in 1990 I had a tritrium Armson .22LR OEG on a hard chromed one in 455 Webley. It carried nicely in a shoulder holster.

    The original, and best caliber for them, IMO, is 45CL. My wife's one had the barrel cut to 3 or so inches, the hammer bobbed, the frame adapted to take round but K frame grip and a new front sight was installed.

    I used to reload 455 Webley but I would have loved a 45CL cylinder. It's quite light N frame and there were many of them available in South Africa.

    For interest, in our final years there we owned two of these, a Glock 20, a Tanfoglio long slide 45, M1 Garand, MK4 Lee Enfield, BSA Martini International MK 3 22LR and four Star 30M pistols.

    Only in the last three years have I surpassed the number of guns I owned in our last three years there. Of all of them I miss the 1917 the most.

    It had Pachmayr Signature grips, so I would have those again. I wouldn't hard chrome it but I might well mount a red dot. Seeing as I invented it on a handgun way back then, by getting the gunsmith to cut Weaver mount slots in the top strap before he chromed it.

    Then I went to the nearby Armson factory and bought the sight. It was hell though to find that red dot in a hurry.

    All in all it was ridiculously cheap. The 1917 was $300 at Gold Reef City Arms (Johannesburg), the Armson was $80 and the mat hard chroming $100. Grips $50.

    Nowdays, I expect to pay $1500 for a similar spec, so it's a wish.
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    Ive always wanted a Broomhandle but everyone Ive seen is way to expensive

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    Nice automag! I’ve always wanted the wildey .475 that Bronson used in death wish 3. That and a desert eagle either in .50 AE or the new .429 DE mag. (50 AE necked down to .44 mag)

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    I grew up long before Miami Vice, but I was interested in the Bren Ten when Jeff Cooper was recommending them. Unfortunately, the good loads, Norma 200 grain at 1,200 fps are no longer in production. The FBI load in 10mm, the "attenuated ten" as Uncle Jeff called it, is no better than a .40 S&W. That said, if you can get past the ammo, the EAA is nice if you can find the one that is more like a carry pistol than a competition pistol. I looked in their catalog last year, and I could no longer find that one. And then there are ammo issues. That said, I have had the same thought as you - just never carried through with it.

    I have pretty well settle in on Glock these days, but there is one I wish they would build. I have been waiting for it since 1990, when they introduced the "Perfect 10" at the SHOT Show that year. What I really want is a single stack Glock in .45 ACP (yes, I know about the G36), but I want it to be more like a Commander size (duty size single stack or semi stack and a half, or whatever) to hold about 8 + 1, but THIN, like the G36. Seemed like a good idea then, to me at least, and still seems like a good idea today.

    What we need is a G36 which is taller to hold a longer magazine, and with a longer slide.

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    I carry A Ruger LW Commander or a S&W 45 shield.Im having a great time with my new CZ 75B S/A.

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    I fondled my Gold Cup today.


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    I'm a sucker for 1911s and S&W wheel guns; particularly the older model N-frames. I've had a couple of very nice 1917s and one Triple Lock in .455, but they eventually got traded away for something else. I have a number of N-frames now; 28, 629, 625, 624, and 627(x8). but not enough of the older ones from the 30s and 40s. My grail gun is an original 3.5' or 4" HE in .44 special. I'm still searching.

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