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    A few years ago I went to a throwing seminar. It was taught by a guy who was experienced both in Judo and Sambo (Sambo basically being the Russian equivalent of Judo).

    The guy was in great shape. His technique was good, had solid structure and mechanics for throwing. His methods were very sport-centric but that doesn't necessarily bother me because I can put things in context and recognize what's useful and what is not.

    I've done a fair amount of Judo but only a tiny bit of Sambo. I had previously done a bit of training with another Judo and Sambo guy (who was much more experienced than the guy leading the seminar), and watching him there were clearly obvious technical differences between the two. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to train with him again.

    So in this seminar I was very interested to see what the fundamental differences were...not just the techniques, but the principles. What strategies and methods really differentiate Sambo from Judo? I approached the guy during the breaks a few different times and asked the question a variety of ways. He simply didn't understand how to respond. The best answer he could give was "the rule set". So the main difference between Sambo and Judo are the rules?? "Yes".

    I know the rules are different. But I'm interested in the world where those rules don't exist. So what makes them different??

    Recently I heard something that at least made sense to me...Sambo was created to counter Judo. That's an answer that is more satisfying and provides some context and value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    The mat doesn't lie. But it may tell you the wrong story.
    I use a mat for the exact same reason I don't put sand in my Vaseline. Practice should be rewarding, not damaging.
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