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I think it's limited.
I think the principle is important. Specific techniques flow from that, whether within arm’s reach or outside it.

Karate, wrestling, boxing, fencing...they all have the characteristic that your technique interacts with the opponent's technique. Punch and block, parry and riposte, feint and attack.
More limited outside arms reach, maybe...though I’d say the very idea of concealment is in line with the principle. But specifically, many confrontations are within arm’s reach. 0-5’ touches in this and and pistol ground fighting goes a bit deeper. I will have to write up some specifics.

Shooting, archery, throwing stones...they do not directly interact with the opponent's technique. Deception is limited to concealing the fact that you are armed, where the weapon is, and possibly the first movements. I remember reading Elmer Keith's stories about men who shot their opponents - not with the sixgun on their right hip, but with the left hand - and a gun in the pocket.
I think there is more to mine here. But you have illustrated an excellent example.
Clothing and equipment choices also fall into the realm of deception.