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    Back when we had to put the occasional dinosaur out of it's misery when it got stuck in a tar pit, my inverted hollowbased 148 gr wadcutter over 3 grains of Bullseye did wonders. 3.5 grains in my J-Frame. Yeah it shaves and shakes a little, but it is in my shirt pocket as I type.

    None of that sexy ballistic gel then. Wet phone books and newspapers showed consistent 3/4 in mushrooms.

    Because someone will ask: I tried to go .357 speed in 4 Inch K-Frames, it just tumbled and keyholed at 25 feet. Hell some warm .357 just fell apart and gave a chunk and some splatter.

    OK I have Gold Dots in the J today, but only because I do not want to bet my life on the few hundred of circa 70's reloads around here somewhere..


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    I like the Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel developed for NYPD.

    That said, I also like two others: (1) the "FBI Load," which is the 158 grain LHP; and, in limited situations, (2) the Buffalo Bore "Outdoorsman" which is a 158 grain hard cast Keith at 1,250 fps (designed to duplicate the 38/44 load of the pre-.357 Magnum days. This latter load is just the ticket for wandering around in the woods where you want to be discreetly armed, but you still need a load that will penetrate deep into the vitals or brain of a beast. Yes, I know there are better guns for that purpose, but it may be that all you have is your J Frame. By the way, the Outdoorsman is stout in a J Frame (you don't have to go around front to know it just went off), and it "quits hurtin' when you quit shootin,' as they say!

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    Just got some hst+p, looks pretty nasty. I will shoot it to make sure it groups, looks pretty nasty....

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