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    Default 38 special backup gun ammo???

    What is the best ammo for the j frame to make it the most deadly?

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    I like the speer +p gold dot 135 grain for short barrels.
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    Ive got Federal HST in my 340PD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Bond View Post
    I like the speer +p gold dot 135 grain for short barrels.
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    The above loads are good choices.

    The Barnes Bullets all-copper expanding .38 spcl 110 Tac XPD bullet is specifically designed to open from 2” barrels. Typically the bullet will start opening around 700 FPS. Most 2” revolvers shoot a .38 spcl (even +P) at about 750-900 fps.

    Buffalo Bore and Double Tap are two of the loaders using this bullet.
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