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    Quote Originally Posted by psalms23dad View Post
    Started with and stayed with Gen 3. I see no reason to do anything different.
    I personally don't like the rough texture of the Gen 4 against my side when concealing.
    And there is nothing wrong with having multiples of the same exact gun. It's a good philosophy actually.
    I think a duplicate is essential for anyone who's serious about their firearms. Breakage, theft, loss and confiscation in case of a shooting (if one is actually carrying for a purpose, this is a real world possibility, y'know) are reason enough for me.

    This can become a sickness, of course, if you're not careful. In my case I subscribe to The Rule of Twos -- anything that I really like or depend on, I have at least two. I've accumulated two Glock 17s, two Glock 43s, two G19s, two ARs, etc. Sometimes it's variations on a theme; I don't carry a .45 ACP Glock, but I like'em, so I have a G30s and a G21. I also have two .40 caliber Glocks, a G23 and a G27 -- relics from another age -- and a 9mm conversion barrel for the G23. And being one who suffered during that great magazine ban of the 1990s, I've enough mags to last me the rest of my life. Maybe.

    Is this good practice or "collecting"? I dunno. Does it matter? I do have other guns I've used, carried and collected over the past fifty years, 1911s, J-frames, old Colt Woodsmen, etc., but they are a luxury now and not so much a necessity. If I were to start over again I'd get a G43 and a G19 and a carbine and a shotgun. And then as money allowed I'd upgrade triggers and sights as I've already done. And then I'd get one more of each. Just in case. You never know.

    As to which do you "need"? Pick your poison and see what works for you. Don't like it? Trade it off and get something else. Like everything else in life, you only know by doing. Of course, listening to those who've been there, done that, helps considerably.
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    Thank you all who provided feedback.

    I went with another G19 Gen3. Found one in Phoenix for $435, new in the box.
    "When one goes willingly into the darkness, all he will find there, is what he brought in with him".

    --Gabe Suarez, after the 7-11 shootout

    Proper development of the 'Warrior Spirit', training and physical conditioning before 'The Event' cannot be overstated.

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