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    Default Staying Dangerous in Puerto Rico

    I am going to be taking a vacation with the family to PR later this year. Flying in and staying on a resort. I wanted to know from the folks that live(d) there or have traveled there what are my options on items to bring with me. I plan to take my choir boy thru security and pack small 3Ē blades(folder and fixed). I assume the blades are fine to put in my checked luggage and also assume they are fine to have in PR. Are these correct assumptions? Any other ideas? I donít travel often so I may be missing the obvious.

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    Summer of 2017, I carried a 3 inch lockblade in my pocket and a 4 inch fixed blade in a daypack all over the island with no problems. A blade in checked baggage is fine.

    You should do a search on PR knife law to confirm the current law.

    If you don't mind a hard walk in cold rain, spend half a day on El Yunque. A beautiful place. It was the first rain forest I've been in.

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