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    Default Another dummy picks on the wrong guy - saw it on FOX News this morning

    Steve Shepherd, 68 year old former kick boxing champion (5 times world champ they said) was walking out of a restaurant. He was limping due to a pulled muscle in his leg. The guy sucker punched him from behind and demanded his "f" ing cell phone. Mr. Shepherd said instinct kicked in and he ended it. He's pretty sure he broke some of the guys ribs. Another patron of the restaurant said when he came out the door the dummy/robber was lying on the pavement. Mr. Shepherd said the guy later got up and ran away, before the police could get there.

    Mr. Shepherd owns a kick boxing school/gym with his brother and he is still one of the instructors at the age of 68.

    No footage of the attack/response, just the old guy talking about it.

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    That is great. Thatís what you get when you mess with the wrong person.

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