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    Default Officer down Provo Utah

    Summary: officers responded to intel on location of wanted fugitive. During apprehension fugitive shot a Provo PD officer who later died at a nearby hospital.

    Fugitive apprehended and in hospital with minor injuries.

    More details TBD.

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    There is no such thing as a routine warrant arrest.

    Like other LEO here, I want to know how it went down, and the basics: suspect history, how the information was developed, what that warrant was for.

    And why that subject is still alive.
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    As Papa said "And why that subject is still alive"?

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    Update with more info: name of officer released.

    LE was 3 year veteran of Provo PD, not sure on prior experience, if any. He was SWAT trained (most places here don't have a dedicated team).

    Subject was also shot, which is why he's in hospital.

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