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    Checkout this:

    The GPS unit is hidden in the handle bars, rechargeable, $160 and includes 2 years of service.
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    That is the most bike specific solution Akbar, and I like the price for unit and two years service. That's a very discrete hiding place too. The only. Been going since 2017.

    The only disadvantage I saw was that you have to arm it with a remote each time you leave the bike. Not a big disadvantage, given its discreteness and price.

    Thanks, it's the most promising by far, for a bicycle.

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    SLee, thank you very much for your advice. Reading reviews on those kid trackers I found one that does this:

    "What really stands out about the Trax Play is its augmented reality function, which could be useful if you get really close to the tag but still aren’t quite sure where it is. When you turn on this mode you can look around you through your phone’s camera and the app places a location pin on the screen. None of the other GPS tracker apps we tested have anything like this."

    Now that's how you find your property when the accuracy of GPS is only 100 feet.
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