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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    But it's really about attitude and mental preparedness.
    THAT is the school solution that we have been trying to promote and showcase since inception. Its what contributed to me winning my gunfights and what allows all the techniques in our system to work.

    See yourself as a victim and I can't help you...nobody can no matter how good their classes make you feel with titles and tests of meaningless masturbation. See yourself as a predator...the one who will snatch the souls right out of the f*cking chests while they make their plans, and the day will go much easier for will the rest of your life.

    But that attitude is not what most people want or even can develop. Recall the estrogen flowing when we first discussed the Gentleman Killer? Gun writers were offing themselves in fear of what was coming. The genus homo-pacificus doesn't want to be transformed into a Spartan or a Viking...they want some timed drill to do on the clinical range that will make them feel better about themselves.
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    There might be some that are concerned about the fight happening in a hallway. A benefit of taking the time to get to class is learning about gun fighting Inquartata (A future kata maybe?). How to make the most of a small place even for those of us that could be described as "beastly".
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    Most of this is a mindset question. Practically, in all of my real world experience it was between 4 and 6 shots to solve the problem, top up when you feel safe enough to do so during that "lull" in action.

    On the subject of multiple suspects, mindset works both ways, the unprepared suspect (the one with a gat in his pants, that does a lot of talky , talky day to day, might do a drive by etc.) usually has his mind on other things when his friend gets aced in front of him and the shooter is now coming for him.

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    Interesting question. I am not an LEO and only have had one time when I needed to address that question. I have described this elsewhere on this forum but three people thought they might car jack me in the garage on my office building one Saturday afternoon. The three were in a semicircle about 20 feet away and the fellow on the left pulled a knife. The other two did not but I was worried about the guy on the right bull rushing me while I dealt with Mr. Knife. I had a Springfield XDm Service 9mm (4 inch barrel; 17 magazine; red dot; HST's in mags; one extra mag in left pocket). As I pointed it at Mr. Knife and began to squeeze. My thought was three shots - one to the face two to the upper body unless he went down sooner. I was then going to find the guy on the right and see what he was doing. Then go back to middle guy. They gave up as I began the squeeze. So I never had to find out if my thinking was good. JackH

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