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    What happens in CA has nothing to do with me. As long as it does not affect CalPERS and my checks keep coming for the next 40 years, they can do whateverthef*ck their tranny liberal hearts desire.

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    The problem with the "rescue" shelters around here is they have priced them selves out of the market. It will run you over 300 bucks to "rescue" a dog and then it comes with a whole list of restrictions- some even claiming the right to inspect unannounced and taking the animal back if they don't approve of how you are treating it. Guess they got enough pull to push this crap through in Kalifornia.
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    We’re missing the point here. As long as Cali lets you smoke all the weed that you can stand, scrape a uterus free from any unwanted young human, allow illegals to soak up free healthcare with no fear of the law, and allow you to take a good shit on the streets of San Fran it’s all cool, man. Just don’t let me see you with a plastic soda straw or sell pets at pet stores.

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    Just watched the linked video and two of the other laws are even better.

    1. Firearms must be labeled with a warning, “must be handled responsibly and securely stored”. That, in my opinion is a racist warning label and completely non-inclusive for an enlightened state like California. It would read, “yo, muthafkr, try not to shoot yo btch o baby in the face” then in Spanish, “por fa vor, no shootar la beechar e bambino en la face, and last for white trash, “y’all k’aint be shootin yer cousin whose done had yer baby or lil’ Dale (#3 forever!) in his face.”

    2. Employers must now provide, in addition to transgendered bathrooms, a separate room other than a restroom an area for breastfeeding mothers to give their baby the boob. I’m an employer though not in California. I propose that employers allow women to display their breasts at all times thus removing the stigma from nursing mothers.
    Problem solved.
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