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Thread: Push Dagger

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    I've tried them all and the one I most prefer is the SI gang unit, it's a nice little get off me knife that's easy to access even if the fight is in a phone booth (not that those even exist any more).
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    Witnessed the results of around 3 seconds work with one of those push daggers back in old Sanchung district of Taipei.

    The lad's focus changed from putting hands on us to keeping his guts from spilling out.

    I've kept one handy ever since.
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    So what knife is that? Very nice

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    Id feel well armed with a push dagger but personally I have never been all that happy with the designs.

    If I was going to design a knife, this is pretty close to what Id want. Its a natural design for punching, but also slashes well.

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    Take a look at Laci Szabo's UUK (Urban Utility Knife). Very solid, but, not small. It hits very hard and does not roll in the hand.

    One of the main things with push knives is to have enough room between the handle and the base of the blade so you do not damage your fingers if you hit something hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyfisher View Post
    So what knife is that? Very nice
    The Vixen by Xavier Knox:

    or search XK - Echo.Delta.Charlie on FB

    A friend of mine has a nice clinchpik-like pikal blade with a short but more conventional grip made by him.

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