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    Default Open Carry Didn't Save The Day

    I do Open Carry on occasion and when I do it's with a retention type holster. I posted this elsewhere and many of the responses were laughable at best. I have no doubt we can have a much more reasoned and educational discussion here

    Even a threat level III holster is not a deterrent to those who know how they work. A good holster is only a layer of defense, not a complete defense in and of it's self.

    Just as an example, and a few of you will get this; the USAF Airbase Ground Defense Units used a "Defense in Depth" theory. When there were assets that required defending they would establish a defensive perimeter. On the outer most area they'd post LP/OP's, then the next layer would be covered by Mobile Reserve/Recon Patrols, next would be your Fighting Positions with interlocking fields of fire and last ditch effort their Final Protective Line. All of these defenders worked together to form defense in depth that was also an aggressive defense.

    My approach to self defense is a similar concept. Situational Awareness along with Command Presence, good verbal skills, H2H skills, a good knowledge of blunt/edged/weapons of opportunity, and firearms all work together to keep yourself and loved one's out of harms way. You have to decide which ones are important or even relevant to you.
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    Default Open Carry Didn't Save The Day

    I think itís best to decide what your AO is first and then a 1b. would be to decide what your role in that AO is.

    For instance, Iíll use myself as an example:

    I live in a smallish city in between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Iím ten minutes away from both the Texas Rangers MLB team and Dallas Cowboys, if that give you a quick generalization of where I live.

    I am a civilian by definition; as in non-military or LEO, or any government assigned labeled first responder.

    I donít live on a large acreage of land nor do I have quick (by minutes) access to heavily wooded areas. I have a 14-ish year background in Korean TKD...not the Olympic kind, have zero ground game so to speak and donít walk, talk, or dress like a Nancy boy. Jeans and t-shirts, button up, or polo. Nike running shoes, Merrells or Adidas trail shoes. Often a hooded sweatshirt, light jacket or rain jacket. No umbrella because I donít like walking around with crap in my hands. I go out to run errands, visit my family or girlfriend, and infrequently visit a mall or a largely populated area when the need arises.

    I always have a knife of some kind for utility, a tourniquet, (used to carry quickclot) two flashlights in the winter, my pistol (Suarez G17 at the moment) and always, without fail AT LEAST one magazine. Oh and I just got a Heretic via Suarez Christmas special. Thinking Iím going to cut a pocket slot in it the way Brent did.

    I have no need for open carry and not that I am vehemently against it, I just think that discretion is key when it will come to having to use my pistol, protecting my pistol, and retaining the use of that pistol.

    That what my role is for now.

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    The oc joker was carrying two long guns and his his pistol and a strike up conversations with pro 2A girls. What the........

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    The only ones who should open carry are LEO's. Joe Citizen should stick to the "concealed is concealed" philosophy. There is no need to advertise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert West View Post
    The only ones who should open carry are LEO's. Joe Citizen should stick to the "concealed is concealed" philosophy. There is no need to advertise.
    And we only do it when its required, if Im not in "battle rattle" I would prefer to be concealed.

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    There was an incident in Richmond, Virginia where a guy who was open carrying got disarmed and murdered with his own gun. Back in 2011.

    "We should always try to do the right thing and the moral thing and the legal thing, but first we should do the SMART thing."
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    I open carry for two activities.

    Around my property/garage whether working, fooling around with the dogs or just going to the mailbox/garbage cans by the road, etc. My property.

    The second activity is kayak fishing. A few minutes unloading/loading the boats at the ramp, then on the water for hours. I have carried concealed on the kayak but it's difficult to get to the pistol under that life jacket.

    I see people open carrying at Lowes, Walmart, getting out of their vehicle at gas stations, etc. Quite often them seem to be paying no attention at all to what is going on around them. I've seen some with the pistol/holster pushed all the way around till it's more on their ass than their hip. For me, seeing people with a gun who are "asleep at the wheel" is kind of scary.

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    I get the 2A “Look what I’m doing” appeal, but the only real upside is convenience. The trade-off is everything else. I’m never going to say that’s always bad; depending on the situation that may be an acceptable risk. Most of us here know when that may be. The general public doesn’t seem to.
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    I've only interacted with two open carry dudes. In both instances I had to ask them if they wanted to go back in the public restroom and retrieve their pistol.

    Not impressed with their focus and mindset.
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