I have begun to see things posted where they do not belong and diverse discussions that should be in other subsections. Henceforth this is what we want.

THE MIND DOJO - solely for mental, conceptual, and "spiritual discussions". Things pertaining to the mind and how it can be made to work better. Developing the proper ethos and self-image. Stuff like that. Not for tactics, methods, weapons, or anything else. Lets keep it clean and concise to the theme. Mods, feel free to move your older threads here, and any threads that belong elsewhere...elsewhere.

TACTICS AND APPLICATIONS - Formerly Warrior Mindset - I saw everything here from discussions on back up guns to which f*cking eye to use when point shooting. Here is what we want here. The stuff you learn in the Mind Dojo are Strategies. Mental, and internal strategies. Those are manifested as Tactics. Tactics are what we want to discuss here.