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    The .300 BO has a larger bore and uses, basically, slow burning pistol powders. Even slow burning pistol powders are way faster burning than fast burning rifle powders, so you'd expect it to burn it's powder better/more than a .223 cartridge loaded for a longer barrel.

    Having said all that, I'll keep my .223 AR15's. I've got a .300 BO carbine and I've built/shot a .300 BO pistol (8.5" barrel). Only with supersonic ammo. My .308 GII has less recoil than my .300 BO AR 15 carbine and both are 16" barrels. I might be able to spend more money on the .300 BO carbine and reduce the recoil, but why? I'm not suppressing it - the whole reason the .300 BO came into being in the first place.

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    I echo the vote for a simple 16” 5.56 for a first rifle. The Colt 6920 is a quality gun that can be picked up at a bargain in many places. Don’t overthink this purchase. For about a grand, you can get a 6920, Vortex Strike Eagle, and a dozen mags. That’s not top tier kit, but it’s decent stuff that you’ll always value having around. And as you run it, you’ll learn what you really want. The second rifle will be closer to what you really want. But I don’t know any devoted shooters who really figured out what they want before at least a third rifle.

    Once you’ve got the gun, take a class. There’s always an informal show-and-tell at classes—usually at lunch or after class is officially over. You’ll get to sample other set-ups and get educated opinions from people about why they set their gun up a certain way.
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    I would concur that you should start with a 5.56 ar. Get a QUALITY one too! You will be glad you spent a few buck more for it in the long run. Do a search on here and you will find plenty of recommendations as to brands to buy. Don't go hanging a bunch of stuff on it right off the bat. I personally like to learn on iron sights but I am old school. There is nothing wrong with optics- as long as they are quality. Once you learn to shoot and manipulate the weapon and see where it fits in your plans, then think about adding a few gizmos and such (like a light). MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Get quality training from instructors who know their stuff. (You know who!)

    One last thing= HAVE FUN with it! Like they say, men are only boys with more expensive toys!
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    Unless your needs are specialized, I think the advice you are getting to get a quality 16” AR in 5.56 is spot on. Get and learn to use iron sights before you move to an optic.

    Understand the 5.56 AR is really more of a carbine than a rifle in historical terms. A carbine is a long arm that is more compact and fires a reduced power cartridge. A military rifle in historical terms fires a cartridge that is 6.5mm or bigger with a projectile weight of about 120 grains or greater at a velocity of 2500 FPS or greater. All these figures are ballpark but you get the idea.

    This may cause some argument but a 16” AR is a 300 meter weapon while a rifle, let’s say a .308 AR or M1 Garand, has the capability to be a 500 meter weapon. Not that I think a civilian can justify shooting at any range beyond 25 meters in any but the rarest of cicumstances.

    This is pretty far afield but CMP M1 Garlands are still available and can serve as real piece of history and a great way to learn the basics of rifle marksmanship. They are not a good choice for home defense😃.

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    I concur.

    16". 5.56. Flat top. 1-6 or 1-7 optic.
    Collapsible stock.

    That's where my search ended for a carbine.
    I have since only built 10.5" pistols in the last
    3 years or so.

    My only suggestion would be to buy one with
    Magpul furniture with M-Lok forearm.

    That would look something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cco45acp View Post

    This may cause some argument but a 16” AR is a 300 meter weapon...
    I can hit sub-man size steel targets at 500 & 600 yards
    with a reasonable optic, shooting military & commercial
    ammo, from a prone position with my carbines with boring
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    "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" Alan Temby
    "Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth"- Oscar Wilde.

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    That is exactly what I would use, up top. Plain vanilla flavored, milspec upper. Wear out that barrel, and you will have a good idea of what you want and dont want then.

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    Y’all have given a pretty fair amount of advice and I appreciate it all.

    I will concentrate my efforts on a 5.56 AR based on the recommendations.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    It sounds like you're "new" to this. I'd recommend a Colt 6920, Aimpoint PRO, and some PMAGs and a few training courses from a reputable source. The questions will sort themselves out, and you'll gain software and hardware in an order that will best benefit you, AND your wallet, because you'll get what's right for you, sooner/less re-buys/sales.

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