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    FWIW, I've a Thompson Machine ISIS 22 and a Dead Air Mask. They both work well on both pistols and rifles, both rated for magnums and full auto fire (I looked at that as a sign of good longevity) and are both about as quiet as you can get. Accuracy on both is excellent. I get a little less shift in POI with the Mask. The all-aluminum Thompson is lighter than the Mask but it's a bit longer.

    The Thompson is a pain to maintain as the monolithic baffle design can lock up on you post haste if you're not careful; I've learned (the hard way) to loosen it up every fifty or so rounds, rotate the tube to break the lead/carbon loose. For that reason I'd look at something that wasn't a monolithic baffle system.

    The Mask has stainless baffles and is a breeze to clean take apart. Just unscrew, pop out the baffles, knock the carbon and lead out, brush it clean, lube (I use silicone oil, some use other oils, some use no lube at all) and reassemble.

    I also have an AAC Element awaiting approval. The baffles are a different design from the Mask, but the specs are about the same. It also has a take down tool to help shove the baffles out past the crud.

    There are a couple of modular silencers that interest me: the Rugged Occulus and the Silencerco Switchback. You can use the Occulus as both a short and long configuration, the longer being a bit quieter, of course. The Switchback can be used in four configurations: short, medium and two different long with different baffle arrangements for pistol and rifle. No, I don't know exactly how or why, but that's what they advertise.

    In short config these two cans are not much larger than an A2 flash suppressor, which would be optimal on the Charger concept.

    I am very interested in the Charger as -- depending on the ammo -- a shorter barrel can be quieter than a rifle due to less velocity, less crack. Sometimes subsonic can be hard to find, but CCI standard velocity (1070 fps) works great for me in my pistols and occasionally I get a supersonic crack from my rifles.

    My favorite .22 rifle is my Savage Mk II FVSR. It's BB gun quiet with the right subsonic ammo and is more accurate than I am. This is an old photo (with my vintage High Standard Sport King and my Form 1 Maglight silencer, circa 1987). Right now the Savage wears a Vortx 2x7 sighted it in with CCI Quiet, which doesn't do well in my pistols but is nearly silent in a bolt gun; all you can hear is the firing pin and the round hitting downrange. Too bad Savage doesn't make a pistol version of this little gem.
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    Thanks for all the information, a lot to think about.
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    Awesome idea.

    I have predecessor to this optic on my 10/22.

    Optics are crystal clear, finger adjustable click adjustments too (get a paint pen and you have holdovers), and variable. Dial to 2x for movers and a wide field of view, dial up to 7x for that precision shot.

    I zeroed mine for 75 yards - that gives me a pretty flat trajectory from 0 - 80 yards. It rises about 1.5” at 50 yards, and is dead on at 18/75. In essence it replicates the 50/200 zero for a 5.56x45mm rifle.

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