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    Default Mossberg basic brace kit (kak brace) recoil?

    I am excited to say, my wife ordered the Mossberg basic brace kit for my Mossberg Shockwave as my birthday gift. ��. I am waiting on it to get here. I was curious to how bad the recoil is with the kak brace compaired to the SD Brace? It looks quite a bit narrower than the SD one. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.
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    The KAK is narrow and hard plastic where the SD is rubber. Nether are unpleasant.
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    Thank you. I was worried when I looked at how narrow it was, that it would be very uncomfortable to shoot. I could not find anything really on that brace on a shotgun. There is quite a bit on the sd. I had planned on getting thie SD brace. My wife, however, knew I was wanting one and that I had mentioned Suarez International had them, and she ordered that one as a suprise for my birthday. I am sure I will be very satisfied with it.

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