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    I hate Facebook. The number of ignorant people on FB is actually astounding. Ignorant people are not bad people, but you wonder with the innovations in modern information, that well...never mind. I hate facebook, but modern business requires it. Got a serious question this morning about my thoughts on the racking sound of the shotgun "scaring" an adversary.

    My reply - I have always gone into battle with a fully loaded and chambered weapon. If you shoot them in the face with a 12 ga, I guarantee they will in fact shit their pants...I have seen it.
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    Finally. Thank you.

    One of the defects of the platform, or the AR for that matter, is how noisy it is to make ready from cruiser ready.
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    The only thing I count on sound being is a target locator, and I have no plans on becoming a target.

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    What’s that old saying, if they hear the pump it’s already too late...

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    That would be the 1st sound they (might) hear after the 1st hole has been punched into them.

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    Soooooo gehy.... just no

    All the long guns in my house and vehicles are cruiser ready. If I need to access them the action working is going to be the quietest portion of the event in very short order.
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    The only sound should be the safety coming off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRC 74 View Post
    The only sound should be the safety coming off.
    The only sound should be "boom"
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    For the ignorant who think that racking an empty shotgun will scare someone off - there are plenty of us who know the difference between the sound of an empty shotgun being cycled, and a shell being cycled into the chamber.
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    I never understood the thought process (didn't say reasoning) behind carrying a gun with an empty chamber. Or carrying a 30 round magazine with 28 rounds in it, etc. My P07 has 13 in it as carried (1 in the chamber, 12 in the magazine). My spare magazines are P09 with +2's on them, so the spares are 17 rounds. Why, why would you carry a 17 round magazine with less than 17 rounds in it?

    Why would you carry a shotgun with 4 in it when it could have been 5.

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