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    Although only related in some aspects another demonstration of tolerance by the religion of peace in France active shooter attacks a Christmas market in Strasbourg, kills at least 4 and injures around 11!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bubba in c.a. View Post
    The protesters are white working people and heavily rural, just like the Trump base. Fuel prices may be the "issue", but the resentment of a people being replaced by 3rd world immigrants in their own country is the heart of the matter, coupled with a government that likes immigrants more than its own people. The white people have to work and suffer while the underclass gets the free ride and the government gets more power.

    Carbon footprint is a function of population growth. If France had not allowed fast breeding immigrants in the ethnic French would be producing less pollution in a country with a much smaller and solidly French population.

    Same Same America.
    Agreed. Maricon's imported diversity is a massive problem. The globohomo elites are running scared all over Europe.

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    That area is beautiful and full of Christmas markets from Strasbourg to Ribeauville and south to Colmar. Makes sense that the Christmas area is hit.
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