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    Quote Originally Posted by P.D. View Post
    The media and the mindless love a good sob story.

    Personally, as a 3 tour Vietnam (including Tet '68) veteran, having been twice widowed and beating cancer twice, I say f*ck victimhood. Victimhood is weakness, cowardice and a living death.

    I'm a survivor. Survival is persevering despite (sometime in spite of) what or who I confront and what I endure. Surviving takes strength, courage, and willpower.

    F*ck victimhood!
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    PD you are an example of a warrior and an inspiration.

    Gabriel Suarez

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    PD you are an example of a warrior and an inspiration.

    Coming from you, Sir, that is high praise indeed. I am honoured.

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    As we used to say,

    Charlie Mike!

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