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    Quote Originally Posted by P.D. View Post
    Actually, the Owen Gun and its successor, the F1 SMG both had top feed magazines -- like the Bren LMG. And yes, I have real life experience with them. There are two advantages to a top feed Mag; 1, gravity assist in the event of weak springs or dirty mags; 2, no mag in the way going prone.
    Also the mag is not the way for prone with side mount. The problem would be with corners.
    One who hammers his gun into a plow plows for those who do not....Unknown the end of the day its not about anything else but YOU AND YOURS..... Gabe Suarez
    ....WANT not NEED is what America is all about. ..... Gabe Suarez
    Its not about how fast you can load, but about how well you can shoot ..... Someone being saved by a speed load is not something that has happened with any regularity. Gabe Suarez

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    Yes Sir the AR is your friend if you want the easy button for sure.
    But why would you want a vertical magazine. A side mounted mag has a lot of things going for it. The Aussies mounted them almost on the top position on the Owens.
    I did it because I could and it looked like a rare last ditch German gun. (MP3008, basically a vertical mk2 with a loop stock) The fun for me at the time was building something that I could shoot. For a few years I was deep into gun builds.

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