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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    I gotta say, I think the desire to share with someone else that you are armed is bizarre.

    It works for some of you. That’s cool.

    It is absolutely foreign to me.

    To each his own.
    Me too bro....

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    My interactions with police have just been traffic violations. Not once was I asked if I had a weapon on me or in the vehicle, nor did I feel compelled to offer it up. I’d tell them if they asked. That’s also what my CHL instructor, a retired IL state trooper, said to do. If they ask, tell them. If they ask you to exit the vehicle, tell them. Otherwise...if they really cared, they’d ask. I’ve been told by more than one LE source that in IL when they run your IL DL (not sure about other states licenses) it tells them if you have a CHL. So they already know anyway. Please correct me if that’s wrong.

    Heck, when I wrecked my 4Runner in Indiana I had a Glock on me the whole time. Didn’t really have anywhere else to put it, so I just kept my mouth shut and nobody asked.
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    I got asked that once as I was leaving a military base.

    As I slowed down to exit through the gate, the guard waved me to stop, and asked me "do you have any weapons in the car?"

    Since I didn't, and I was already leaving, I took the opportunity to be a smartass.

    "Why, do you need some?"

    He laughed, and I went on my way.
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    MI is a must inform state- you will lose your permit and be fined if you do not.

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