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    Default New baby puppy:

    Pee Wee developed biting mental health issues and had to be put sleep. Tank was very poorly doing post stroke and kidney diseases . He too was sent to the Lord Jesus Christ. Friday post Thanksgiving I got my baby fur kid. Girl six week old chihuahua. Since she's a real pistol, I named her 'Mauser' after the famed German automatic c96, also. Pics are forth coming,
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    Pictures, darn it!

    And condolences for your losses. BTDT, but you did what your buddies needed done.
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    I got a pup about six months ago...a retriever cross. I’d forgotten what a pain in the neck a pup is. Not sure what I was thinking.
    Still, I think if I can keep from strangling him for six more months he’s got the potential to be a pretty decent dog.
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