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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Think of this like a stabbing knife with a bit more reach than a grab n stab. One handed, aimed at the face, rammed into an ear or under the chin.
    Right on. Expansion be damned. Penetration rules here. A larger, hard-recoiling 9mm or .380 will do nothing the .32 can't when so employed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    The Remington 380 - The other one that is a similar design is the Remington 380. In fact, without having handled one it seems like an exact copy of the Rohrbaugh. I don't want to hear any Remington hate so be advised before anyone drops trou to give their Remington opinion. All mass produced weapons will need upgrading no matter the brand. We will eventually get one of these and see...but it is much bigger than the Seecamp.
    As I understand it, Rohrbaugh was sold to Remington Outdoors. They copied most of the design and incorporated it into the Remington 380, then they discontinued production of the Rohrbaugh pistols.
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    Maybe they will buy Suarez International and all manner of edgy crazy things will become mainstream...who knows.
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    The anticipation and waiting is killing me. Hope to receive mine soon.

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    Any time table for the next group buy?

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