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    Default Terrorism Close Calls - Netflix series

    It's been really useful to study recent terror incidents, and discuss them. Should be worth studying the close ones too then.

    The last one in this series was a plot to include shooters and bombers, in an attack on Germany. A "Mumbai" with suicide bombers, or just bombs. Yikes, that would be deadly.

    I once read a Christian prophecy scholar's article where he asserted that the ancient Assyrians were the original terrorists. He discussed their methods.

    Would those be the modern Syrians? Tens of thousands of whom Hillary wanted to give refuge to in America. Maybe not, maybe I'm wrong about some, or all, of that. I hope so. It surely is worth some watching and some googling.

    I equate terrorism with the lawlessness that Jesus warned of when he said, "and, in the last days lawlessness will abound."

    I also remember that the first son of Abraham, Ishmael, was described as "a wild donkey of a man." This also smacks of a tradition of lawlessness.

    What I'm saying is, there is nothing new under the sun, except that eras have been predicted, which are characterized by certain occurances and behaviors.

    Now I'm no prophecy genius, but it seems like some old players have been back on the world scene, and doing as they once did. I could be wrong, I'm raising all of this for discussion, as a kind of profiling of peoples.

    Sorry to the exceptions and the innocent, and more so if it turns out I just sucked this out of my thumb. Well, at least the series looks worth watching.

    BTW, and on a non-terror side note, are the current Russians indeed descended from the ancient Scythians?

    I'm always looking to gain perspective on an issue, and sometimes it's a spectacular failure. You have to admit though that it's been very strange that every week we pay Ishmael's descendents some gas money. Strange in the light of God promising that they would be a very populous group, which would be prosperous and influential.

    That's how I look at current events. Okay, the Scythians have a client state in the middle east, namely, the Assyrians. They are also allied to the Ishmaelites.

    Persians are in there too, wow, some of these haven't changed their address in thousands of years. Care Of PO Box Damascus?

    Now what if they all got together in two whole books of Ezekiel? Yeah, if you like, or we could just watch about thwarted terror attacks.

    Just one more coincidence to mention. The garden of Eden was very lush. And, 6000 years later the world's greatest oil deposits are there. And you go to the pump and pay the exact sons of Ishmael money for the garden of Eden in your tank? And the scent of that garden is in all the world.

    Hmm, and then they start a religion and "wild donkey of a man," what do you know their religion gives rise to lawlessness on a global scale.

    I'm not big on coincidence, so my mind goes to these things, like squirrel! Maybe let's just research the actual methods in attacks, and attempted attacks.
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    So far I've watched three of these. Similar improvisational capabilities to what Andy McNab hints SAS troops have, are being provided to radicalized Muslims in infidel countries.

    I wonder if such terrorists will be given instructions to train in airsoft prior to carrying out mass shootings.

    In fact ex SAS operatives, including Andy McNab facilitated the technology transfer of special forces methods when they acted as advisors in the Michael Mann film Heat. The West Hollywood bank robbers then used body armor and similar weapons and loadout.

    This caused the mass adoption of body armor by US police agencies. Also, issue of carbines etc.

    Ja, the ex-SAS operative in his one book tells a young girl over the phone how to make a bomb, and kill someone in the house. All from household products.

    Ja, radicalization and technology transfer have been the themes thus far. The fourth one, I think, involved expert terrorist bomb makers in a terrorist country. Such have been terminated with drone strikes.

    I loved the McNab books, my wife and I devoured ten or more. I large part of what is taught in his fiction is attitude.

    Hopefully terrorists don't find such resources.

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