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    Quote Originally Posted by psalms23dad View Post
    Not sure if you remember or not but in the August red dot pistol class I thanked you part way into day one for the way you ran your class. I told you I've trained with guys whom "had a resume", the rest of that converstion I won't make public because while I don't think he's a very good instructor I do think he's an honorable man.
    Also I will say, and I'm not disagreeing with your position, I've found that just having a "resume" is not enough.

    I've said many times there is something special about SI. I say that because I've been to many many other schools and this is where I've landed, because it's about so much more than a resume.
    I do recall. All my guys have a resume in various disciplines. Most have fought their fights alone, not as a member of anything. There are resumes and there are resumes. The message is not that you need a resume, but that personal experience in something other than gun games is essential.
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    And not be asking the students if he is doing it right.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Harris View Post
    And not be asking the students if he is doing it right.......
    SO true! Every once in a while someone, usually a former student, will ask me if I can instruct them on maneuvers I haven’t done myself, let alone taught, in years. I thank them but explain why I’m not the right guy for that particular subject matter and how it’s not beneficial to them or a wise use of their resources, but that I’m more than happy to point them towards another instructor who is right for the job. The opposite option of stroking your own ego with bullsh*t usually just makes a mess and stinks so bad that no one wants to be around you again. Not exactly the reputation I’m going for lol.
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    As a teen I trained for years at a studio owned by a “big name” martial artist; maybe the most well known to ever come out of our state; he was glued to his office chair; extremely overweight and in 4-5 years the only weapon demo we’d ever seen him do was a bull whip demonstration. He did have top notch instructors on the floor and the things I learned there have served me well in fights; against men not in a ring. But I always had it in my head that when it ever came to my time to teach I would not not be a desk warrior sitting in front of a case full of my old trophies- and in teaching martial arts- bear hands or hands filled with steel- at 43 my wife tells me I’m still buff and I can stil run my 5’mile trail course run just a little slower than in my 30s. Thank you Marine CorpsStrong mind strong body strong convictions.
    My shooting and gun fighting mentor; and the head of our small school is of the same mind, at 68 he’s fit and able and will
    Work younger men into the ground. He may not be internationally known, but has the complete resume- combat arms in S E Asia; championship competitor in several disiplines , accomplished martial artist. I’d some one wants to learn the finer points of high power rifle shooting he can teach them- what he teaches in class is how to stay alive when some is trying to kill you. And to finish my rant, he is a highly educated caring gentleman whom my kids call uncle- he has that command presence; he looks like an old warrior king, if he was a fat blowhard I would not have stuck around and become his friend and instructor at his place.

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