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    Default Anybody watch new series “Bodycam” on ID?

    First episode was tonight and brings up two interesting real world experiences throughout bodycam video.
    Any opinions on actions taken would be great for for discussion.

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    No, but there is a ton of (probably better) bodycam footage on YouTube. It can be interesting to watch.

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    I've never wanted a bodycam so much as the last time I lived in Sarasota FL.

    Walking late at night to early hours of the morning, five hours at a time. Even in tourist and rich areas, it still made me want a PDW, even before I knew about the Endo.

    For doing that in urban, I'd say those two are paramount. As well as concealed carry insurance, or pay a retainer, or both.

    Not to mention my fantasy of a drone in a backpack with a deplorable (sic) spike to inject mace, and an electromagnet to hold it in place.

    For the cars that throw beer bottles at you. Land it on the roof, over the driver, at the next traffic light.

    I've never been so fucked with in my entire life, as those two years. Of course you wouldn't do such a thing back in South Africa, or you would use up all 9 lives in as many weeks.
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