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    Exclamation LAPD - She ainít what she used to be...

    Back in the day, Ďbout the time he hit the officer in the head with the chunk of flowerpot, he would have begun to assume room temperature.

    Just sayiní.

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    Dude took multiple tazer hits, 12 ga bean bag rounds (according to below) and a couple of 40mm rounds? Tox report should be fun reading.

    Part thats really interesting to me from a policy standpoint is that the LAPD spent 10+ minutes trying to non lethally subdue the guy while the person who was stabbed was bleeding in the house, getting talked through keeping pressure on the wound. Great to know that their priority is bringing tango's in alive over getting you in front of a EMT.



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    LAPD is not the only agency doing backflips to avoid shooting someone that would have been SOA (shot on arrival) in a different age.
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