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    Ok, I finally found it, it was hiding in plain sight and even well named. Must have been a senior moment to miss it. If your interested here is a link;
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    Here's an oldie that has a pretty good write-up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Here's an oldie that has a pretty good write-up.
    Good write up. There are a few things I would add. Very few people are actually looking for a fight. Even the ones who are hell bent to commit an assault are usually looking for easy wins but even the guy spoiling for a fight will signal. Rory Miller refers to this as the "monkey dance." If he's there with a group, he will start to gather numbers. "His boy" will stand there not saying shit while the aggressor monkey dances. The real killers are just going to jump you then and there or (more likely) try to attack you in an isolated area after you leave. Then it's just watching blind spots and not getting isolated.

    And different people will have different violence languages.

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    A relevant book that is more general in nature is "Left of Bang" It is more general than individual fights, but useful none the less.

    Also might go looking on Youtube/Vimeo and related video sites for street fights where the video starts before the fight.

    I remember watching the Eric Gardner video and seeing lots of "tells" before the cops took him down.

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