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    "One man in a thousand, Solomon says..."

    "To spit on your hands and lower the pike; to stand fast over the body of Leonidas the King; to be rear guard at Kunu-Ri; to stand and be still to the Birkenhead Drill; these are not rational acts. They are often merely necessary." Pournelle

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    We are blessed indeed to have brothers to laugh and cry and kill and with

    A Brother of mine, veteran, firemen, EMS, and arson inspector- giving a great man is laying in a hospital today trapped in his own mind after 2 massive strokes. No response to stimuli .
    I am sad because he his broken in mind and flesh, I feel for his wife and children and grandkids he was the nucleus of the family.
    I smile at the thought of seeing him whole again on the other side and hearing one of his crazy stories; all true- cause with his life there is no need to embellish! And I smile when I use the skills he taught me- like keeping a edge on steel, he said if itís not sharp enough to do surgery with itís useless! We will remember you fondly brother!

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