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    Default Solving The Invasion Force Crisis

    Solving the Invasion Force Crisis will likely involve things getting dirty.

    THEIR willingness to do violence almost insures it.

    I don’t have a problem with that, but many (most??) Americans will. And of course the quisling media will make the most of it.

    What better way to flush that toilet and seal off the pipes than to outsource it to the Mexican Feds?

    They can deal with it in a number of ways, and after a decade plus of NarcoWarfare I doubt the desensitized locals will complain or even bat an eye if it involved night sticks, tear gas or the occasional sniper round of indeterminate origin.

    A potential option that immediately pops into mind:

    A substantial task force involving Mexican Federal, State, and Local LEO as well as their Army surrounding and quarantining The Hoard. Initially in place, then peacefully-ish moving them to a stadium for further “feeding and medical attention”. Naturally, news cameras are only allowed in the stadium when it is advantageous to OUR narrative.


    Via “interviews”, identify and segregate all leaders.

    Concurrently isolate the families. Women and children need to be seen being escorted in broad daylight onto clean, comfortable busses which are promptly driven southbound.


    As non-violent Invaders are identified, they too are seen being bussed home.

    Questionable characters are removed in the dead of night, and dealt with as our Latin neighbors see fit.

    If shit goes sideways, it’s a win-win.

    A) The US (and Trump, specifically) can claim plausible deniability.

    B) It will further demonstrate that Latin America is in fact a collection of various shitholes, and we don’t want their pipes draining our way any more.

    "He who can handle the quickest rate of change survives."

    -Col John Boyd

    "Only he is lost who gives himself up for lost"

    -Hans-Ulrich Rudel

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    1. amongst the portion of our population who ascribe to the leftist ideology, they will accept nothing less than allowing them in, essentially no border. So whatever they think? means nothing. Nothing will change thier mind so consider them as nothing consequential.

    2. amongst the portion of our population who are the "deplorables" they will accept nothing less than turning them back by whatever means is needed, and continue that policy per the law regardless. If that means lethal force, so be it.

    3. amongst our population who are perhaps not within those two previous categories, the best thing to do is to get them to genuinely think about who is ultimately responsible for this situation and the response needed to stop it.

    that means forcing the truths the left has hidden via their utilization of "the Big Lie" into the public debate.

    "they just want a better life.." < can you explain why their failure to achieve that in thier own country makes us responsible for care of their lives? Why is it only this country who is now suddenly responsible for the failures of their situation?

    " they want asylum" < under international law, they are required to request asylum in the first country they come to, can you explain why they have not complied with international law and done so and why only this country is the the country demanded of conceding supposed asylum?

    "this country is racist, it hates non-whites and thats why they don't want them coming here" < then why are these people wanting to come to a country that hates them, can you explain why they'd willingly travel over 1000 miles to place themselves in a situation such as is claimed exists here?

    "it is inhumane to use force on these people" < Can you explain why these peoples deliberate actions which directly led to this country having no other option but to use force to stop these peoples actions is somehow the fault of this country?

    pt ll of above " we have to be compassionate instead of this inhuman behavior" < can you explain why your supposed compassion is bonafide and justified when what you demand comes at the cost of the people of this country? How is your demand for compassion to be extended to the american public, at who's cost your demand will come at the expense of?

    to educate that portion of the public or get them thinking, make the left defend the lies via forcing them to answer the question in regards to their accusations.
    Attempting by any means to politically 'defend' keeping these mobs out of the country is self-defeating as it gives the left the opening they need for the appearance of moral superiority.

    in short, do not attempt to 'defend' our actions, make the left defend their accusation as being the truth, they cannot do so and hence they will lose the political battle.

    A good example: what did Trump do when the 'groping tape' came out the weekend of the second debate? did he attempt to defend the tape or did he force the left to defend the lie of thier accusations?
    What he did is a case study of how to win this.

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    At the end of the day, whether they get in or not, a growing segment of the American population is getting more and more stupid, more and more self-important and absorbed, and more and more gullible to believe everything they are told...and that covers both the right and the left. Nonetheless, the left is also growing...witness the last set of elections. And so is the stupidity of the right...witness the right that is still anti-Trump.

    At the end of the day, I know what I want. If what the country wants coincides with that, then my path will be smoother. If not, I will still remain on my path without being derailed by the political passions of those around me.

    A viking-looking Communist Socialist American, born here, whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower. is far less desirable to have as a neighbor than a capitalist South African...or capitalist Paraguayan. Nationality doesn't mean sh*t anymore when people like Hillary, Kerry, Oasio-whathef*ck, and others claim being "American" yet are as communist as Castro and Stalin. In my world view nationality means is all about what you believe.

    Let them in - keep them out - deport everyone already here? To me, it depends on who they are. Still....

    Having no power to influence any of this (not really) I am quickly getting to the "no shits left to give" when it comes to any of this.
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    Who cares, if they don’t get in there will be 100,000 others. People tend to focus on the little stuff too much and not focus on what’s really important in their lives. To me life is too short to try and change the world. I can only focus on what immediately effects me and my future. I’m all about me, if you can’t work around what your offered in life and still benitit in some way you need to open your eyes....

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    I mean really, start a benefit non profit for them and collect money and give them a small portion. Who gives a fuck, if you don’t do it someone else will. Prey on hearts and minds, use them to buy more shit from Gabe.

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