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    Default Black Friday

    I have no special intel, but today is the day secular America worships Mammon, and there will be a target-rich environment for Satan's lesser imps as well as tangos.

    As always, watch your six.

    And your wallet.
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    I'm working the boo boo bus in the middle of mennonite farm country..... and the wife and MIL got smart this year and are doing it all online. I'm very glad on both counts. I've worked this holiday near the mall in previous years and do not wish to do it again.

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    And don't forget all the sales at the Suarez Store.....................
    Gabriel Suarez

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    My shopping was 1000 rounds of PPU 75gr BTHP .223 for $300 from a friend.
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    I spent the day riding side by sides with my
    wife & son, my brother & one of his sons, and 4
    other families. The only hustle & bustle we had
    was looking at some lingering fall color here in
    God's creation.

    Life is good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    And don't forget all the sales at the Suarez Store.....................
    My gen4 recoil kit and gunfighter holster arrived.
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