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    Some years ago we had a water thief in the area. In AZ water is precious. In any case...a few of the retired LE in the hood decided it would be good for their health and constitution to go on quiet walks in the wee hours. Since it is dark at such a time, night vision was employed. Funny how many of the ex-old schoolers have new gear...and weapons because there are things out in the dark.

    In any case. A couple of gents that do not live in the 'hood were found duct taped and well beaten but alive one morning. Right next to their stolen truck with stolen water. That is what I heard anyway.

    I will pray for good hunting.
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    IIRC some of the recent CA bush fires may have been set. Godspeed in apprehending the culprit. Outside surveillance and outside dogs are useful to protect your property.
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