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    “Fry the Brain” is an absolute must read to help understand the history of modern sniping and its current application for a guerrilla sniper. After reading this book from SI, I certainly looked at buildings and vehicles in a much different light. I would look at situations and would run it through a flowchart of sniping. This weapon would be a great fit for certain applications and not the classic 2 day hide, 1 mile shot. Yes, the IRA would have a wet dream over this pistol.
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    Suarez International is now a dealer for MDT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Suarez International is now a dealer for MDT.
    Awesome. I have an MDT chassis and have been quite pleased with it.
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    Default bah Spoilers dont work

    Quote Originally Posted by C.J. Singleton View Post
    This thing with a folder and a can would have been an IRA sniper's wet dream
    You'll have to excuse me if I'm missing the obvious (I'm from across the pond), but isn't the point of this being a "pistol" vs a "rifle" purely to get around some US specific red tape?
    i.e. handgun can legally be concealed, for a rifle with a barrel less than X it has to be an SBR (or start out life as a pistol and add brace).

    None of this applies to conditions under which the IRA were operating. Your other points are most certainly all valid.

    Now onto 300 BLK vs 308 Win in short barrel lengths.
    Do your research, pick your poison, test it for your application.

    I did some Quickload examples of handloads
    Assuming equal barrel length, and twist rates. (I picked 9.5 inches as this is the length of a project rifle I'm working on)
    For Supers (I picked a 130gr Lapua bullet)
    The 308W has the advantage in Velocity 725m/s vs 601m/s
    The 300BLK has the advantage in muzzle pressure 62Mpa vs 157Mpa.

    With regards Subs, both cartridges were able to push a 250 grain Barnes bullet faster than the speed of sound.
    setting a velocity max of 300m/s I think the 300BLK wins due to much lower muzzle pressure (16Mpa vs 36Mpa)

    Its my opinion that muzzle pressure has a noticeable impact on noise, and its something I hope to be able to test in a few months.

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