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    I know that for some of you country folk this will seem like no big deal, but having grown up in New York City this is a new experience for me, and one that I have worked towards for quite some time.

    Yesterday afternoon, I shot a deer.

    15 years ago, as a resident of NYC, I jumped through the hoops to buy a shotgun and try hunting (my first gun, BTW). Going hunting was always a pain in the butt for me - it involved long drives out of the city, and paying a lot of money to a guide, and over the course of 15 or so years I never saw a damned thing while I was in the forest - either with a guide or without. And I spent an awful lot of time and money trying.

    This summer we moved to the Hudson Valley to a few acres abutting state land. Going hunting was no longer an all-day affair. I could sit in my stand for a few hours if I wanted to. And yet all of archery season, nothing. Lots of deer on the trail camera, but nothing to shoot.

    This afternoon was the second day of gun season, and I went to my stand around 3:15. About an hour later I hear something and sure enough, there is a doe walking in the woods, but her location was not safe to shoot. So I watched, and I waited, and I watched some more. And then she walked into an area where I knew I could take a safe shot. I placed the crosshairs where I wanted them and slowly squeezed the trigger - nothin. The safety was on! (there's a lesson here that this board has been preaching for years about defensive pistols with safeties - when the adrenaline is pumping, you might forget to take it off safe!) My placement was off, likely due to a rushed shot after I took the gun off safe - the slug destroyed her liver, not her lungs. But she went down as soon as she was hit and never got up, so I count that as a clean kill. It's the largest thing I've ever killed, and the only mammal bigger than a rat. The field dressing process was significantly less gross, but more time-consuming, than I had expected.

    And now, at almost 46 years old, I have harvested my first deer. While the rest of the carcass is hanging in my shed, I turned the heart into Hank Shaw's Jagerschnitzel from the book Buck Buck Moose. I had no idea what to expect, and boy was it rich, but it was delicious. I canít wait to see what else I can make!

    (Long story short, after 15 years of trying, I killed a deer and ate its heart for dinner. That's probably normal for some of you, but to me it seems kind of bad-assed.)

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    It is. Congratulations.

    Never had any luck deer hunting. The ones I've shot have been hit by cars or otherwise injured, the last one by a train. And we killed 2 when they committed suicide using our vehicles!
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    You did better than me on your first deer.

    I killed my one & only buck with my first Mercedes.

    They both were totaled!
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    Congrats! It's never too late to start.

    Last month I went on my first deer hunt, though I didn't personally have a tag. Here in Utah there is much more hunting pressure, and much smaller herds, so getting a tag involves a lottery and is harder. I hadn't ever been on a hunt and I was interested in learning so when a friend drew out a tag and offered to let me come along, I couldn't say no.

    He shot a small buck and I helped him carry it out; in all, I learned enough that I'm going to try my hand at it next year.

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    There's nothing quite like turning wild game into table fare. There are many dishes that I prefer with venison over beef. Congratulations on the kill; may you have many more.
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    Congrats !!!

    Hey, like my Pop before me, Im one of the worlds best hunters.....can hunt em for days. Finding??? Now Finding them is a problem, but I can hunt them for days ;)

    Most of the years, its a nature walk with a stick and string ;)

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    Congrats! We got 4 in the freezer from the first shotgun season here. Since we own 84 acres in VERY VERY Southern Illinois, it is a 5 minute (maybe) walk to the stand. I have seen them out the back door and swear that one of these days I will shoot one from there just to say I did. We do our own butchering too since it cost so much to have it processed and who knows whose meat you will get. A lot of work but worth it in quality of meat.
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    Congratulations! Sounds like you did just fine. Enjoy your bounty...and, BTW, don't overcook it.

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