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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    I wonder if some people don't subconsciously want to get a rifle because their handgun skill suck and they don't want to put in the time to make a surgical shot up close or a chest waaaaayy over there.

    Deploying a rifle or a shotgun is a matter of scale and proximity to whatever the event is. Be it a riot, Russia going Red Dawn on us or anything else. Close proximity deal with it with whatever tool is at hand. With a larger event and a few moments to prepare other tools can be accessed as long as it isn't right in your face. If you are alone in a parking garage while the riot is raging around you then you have the space and time to grab something vs. someone with sudden jihad syndrome at the mall.

    Using the Red Dawn movie as a very imperfect example but one that most can grasp: When the Russians were landing at the school it wouldn't be a time to go get a rifle. It would be time to use your handgun deal with whatever is in front of you to survive. Once you get some distance and time other weapons could be brought out.
    Since you brought up the subject of movies, one could also ask if the entire "fight your way to your rifle" business began when some gun-zine writer, "tactical trainer" or gun store ninja was watching an action movie and went, "Hmmm...".

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    It could be a relic of past thinking as well. Like those people that say a handgun is only effect to 15 yards or whatever it was. Technology and skill has changed that. No longer is a special handmade match gun needed for 200 yrd silhouette shooting.
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    In the real USA world in which most of us live, the pistol is the tool at hand. Most of the time we are not at the place where our rifles and shotguns are, which is at home or in our vehicle. Even there, unless those weapons are staged for immediate use, the pistol is what we will be fighting with. So be excellent with the pistol and at least competent with the others.

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    The most prolific use of getting a rifle from a vehicle I can think of would be the Charles Whitman Austin Texas shooting.
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