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    Default Which Dual Illuminated RMR for G17


    I have been running an RM05 Dual Illum. 9 moa amber dot on my Gen 3 G17 for quite a while now. With a Suarez milled slide and Suarez trigger it is an efficient face-shooter. The opportunity has arisen to equip the troops on my PD with the option of purchasing an RMR for our soon to be issued Gen 5 G17 MOS. In addition to adding suppressor height sights, which RMR would be the best option to recommend;

    RM03 13 moa amber dot
    RM05 9 moa " "
    RM04 7 moa " "
    RM08A 12.9 moa amber triangle

    RM05G 9 moa green dot
    RM08G 12.9 moa green triangle

    My 9 moa amber suits me just fine, wondering if there is a better option for this platform. Professional input appreciated. Thanks
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    I had the green dot, which I seemed to see a slight bit better than the amber dot. Your eyes may be different.

    13 MOA is just too big for a dot IMO, but some people like the 12.9 triangle and use the tip of the triangle as an aiming point for precise shots.
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    I strongly recommend the 7MOA amber dot. It shows up very well under all lighting conditions. While I prefer smaller dots, the seven is very workable and a great enhancement over irons.

    I do not recommend the amber triangle. I don’t know why, but they are almost invisible in low light. They were great in daylight conditions butt otherwise…

    I have not worked with any of the green models. But I understand the windows are tinted more than the amber.
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    To echo what other's have stated above.

    The green reticles show up way better than the amber
    ones, for me. Indoors, city, and wooded area's.

    The triangle stands out way better for me, as well. The sharp
    tips don't get lost in the background, as bad as the round reticles.

    The top tip of the triangle does give me a very fine aiming point
    when a precise shot might be required, but the triangle works like
    a dot for hasty COM type speed shooting. I think the triangle gives
    me the best of both worlds. (But at close distances, I am pretty
    much using muscle memory & using the ghosted image of the slide.)

    The dual's will wash out looking from a darkened environment out
    into a brightly lit scene. But I always present the gun to the iron
    sights, and I always have night sights.

    With my astigmatism, without corrective glasses, the triangle does
    bloom a little, and it leans to the left, a little, but I have never noticed
    a significant change in POI. With my prescription glasses, everything is
    crisp, i.e. the reticle & the target. I usually spend my range time with Z87
    rated shooting glasses, so I practice for worst case, which would be in
    effect, no eye pro.

    I have 5 RM08G's, and my first RMR is an older orange dot dual, that
    is about 7 moa, which I bought used as a test for my L mount. (My L
    mounts are stashed for a rainy day, and I only have milled SI slides on
    my RMR'd handguns now.) I have researched for that one a few times
    on the net and I have never found any info on this config. I have a Shield
    RMS on my first 43, because that was before the NSA was available. I like
    the red dot in the RMS better than I thought I would. It shows up really
    well, without much bloom from my astigmatism, and the orange dot dual,
    has found it's way to my second 43, looks good to me, as well. After selling
    out to the RM08g's, I have been pleasantly surprised to find the RMS & the
    orange dotted RMR look so good, but if I buy another RMR, it will be the RM08G.

    Lastly, I have found through the years of shooting, that so many people's
    eyes are different. So, read & research what you can, look through & try
    optics that you can get your hands on, and keep in mind that outfitting for
    different officers, may require different variant RMR's.

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    I have little to no experience with the amber sights other than dickering around with them at shows and shops, no shooting or training with them. It may be my eyes, but they didn't turn me on and I have zero interest in them ... at all.

    Having said that, I have nothing but good things to say about my RM05 9 MOA green dot. It's on a Gen 3 G17 that was part of a PDW package, though I do shoot it a lot without the brace. Either way it shines. I'm near sighted, so with my glasses the dot is crisp and easy to see against just about all backgrounds. In daylight it's fantastic, almost too bright; I've not resorted to duct tape blocking the fiber optic, but I can see how some people may need that. Without my glasses it's a little bloomy, but not so bad that I can't hit what I see up to 25 yards.

    In dim light the tritium is perfectly adequate, much better in my opinion than tritium dots on irons. The only complaint is when using a weapon light: with a 300 lumen light the tritium lamp gets washed out; I've switched out for an old school 60 lumen light that works fine. Our house isn't all that large and that's plenty of light to see what's going on without washing out the green dot. Regardless, the irons are co-witnessed, so the transition is not a big deal.

    I also have a 6.5 red dot on my Gen 4 G19 which I like a lot, too. I usually leave it in auto mode, which works out for me. I dryfire a lot in the house, which is not all that bright, and thenn go to the range a couple of times a month without making any changes.

    Which is better? I dunno, they're both great in their own way, so much that I'd like to get another one of each. I have this thing about getting two of the things I really REALLY like; it's become kinda ridiculous. <sigh> I'm gonna eventually do my other G17 -- leaving one dedicated for PDW duty and the other for holster carry -- and then either my Gen 3 G19 or my G43; the new RMR setup for the 43 would be awesome.

    Regarding amber vs. green, I think it all depends on the individual. After my detached retina surgery in '04 I've become more aware of eyesight issues and it's my opinion that some folks do better with some colors than others. For me it's always been either red or green; even in the Army I preferred a green flashlight lens over a red, unless we were using topo maps.
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    Default Which Dual Illuminated RMR for G17

    The only dual illumination RMR I own is an RM04 Amber on my travel G26. To be honest, with what we have seen, Id just get an RM06. I would definitely look at the battery powered optic for a GENERAL duty pistol. The Type 2 units are insanely durable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Heckathorn View Post
    The only dual illumination RMR I own is an RM04 Amber on my travel G26. To be honest, with what we have seen, Id just get an RM06. I would definitely look at the battery powered optic for a GENERAL duty pistol. The Type 2 units are insanely durable.

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