It takes time to form opinions, and more to change them.

I recently decided that my shooting performance using Mod Weaver was steadily degrading, and so I finally took the advice of Doug Tollen.

Doug owns Oregon Security Training, and is one of the best instructors I've ever worked with. Over the years, he saw me favoring the shoulder I injured overseas, and suggested using a Modified Isosceles stance. I resisted for way too long, partially out of not wanting to admit the injury was slowing me down.

Today, I finally gave in, and just to put a fine spin on it, I used two .45's: A Smith Military and Police 2.0, and the Shield in the same caliber.

I ran both pistols for the DPSST qualifier, and I noticed two things: One, I was getting dramatically better accuracy, and secondly, my raw scores with both pistols was pretty much identical. The results became all the more glaring when I considered that my last qualifier was run with a service size 9mm, and I was still getting better and faster hits with the .45's.

Are the .45's inherently more accurate? Perhaps, but the inference is clear: The Shield in .45 is supposed to be hard to control, and yet, it proved moreso than a service size 9mm, just by virtue of using a different stance.

I'll be following this up in coming weeks with my 9mm pistols, including my main carry, a G17.5.