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    Default There's hope for the younger generation yet.

    So we got a young'un doing some ridealongs on the truck with us. I asked him how much he can bench. Honestly, I couldn't care less how much he can bench, and don't even remember what he said. I was just looking for a general gauge of how strong he is.

    So after he answers my question, he says, unbidden, "and I can deadlift 315".

    Excellent. Because we don't really ever bench press our patients, but we deadlift them all the time around here.

    I am, in all seriousness, so pleased to encounter a young man who has figured out early in life at least one really important thing.

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    I was not expecting this to be a great post. This was a really good post. Deadlift or standing overhead press should be the strength measures instead of BP. I really like how Nike Opening evaluates high school football players with the powerball throw. Kneeling explosive chest pass of a 8 or 10 LB medicine ball for distance. Way better than the 225 LB bench for reps test. Explosion is undervalued

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