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    Quote Originally Posted by uglydog03 View Post
    I have a guy with bloody hands and a knife advancing on a drawn gun . Not the time to be walking backwards . He's close enough for a rush . Get off the line , 3 verbal warnings for the video , bang . Make good hits . it...but back up.

    You were not suddenly teleported into the shooter's body. What caused you to draw and intervene in the first place. What did you see...what did you hear. Back it up about ten minutes and then tell me.
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    I am a number two kind of guy in this scenario. The guy with the knife was not threatening anyone, and the guy with the gun was interjecting himself in front of the knife guy. It would have been a safer approach to follow along, not expose a gun and get the police in there. If the knife guy was going to attack someone else, then is the time to put a bullet in the back of his head. It does not matter that the knife guy already killed his wife...all that matters is the present situation. No need to be a hero.

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    Where I live , this time of year - that is not an uncommon sight . He probably has an pronghorn in his truck and wants to wash his hands . But the location , the body language and aggressive behavior - in addition to whatever is being said , makes that different . If a number of people are yelling that he just stabbed a woman - and the new phenomenon of stabbing attacks - most of the decision has been made . I would probably not have drawn right away . When I become the focus of his attention - he is a threat . Not going to allow him to carry on - to somebody else's wife or kid . I've seen the old Danny Inosanto videos and know how fast a knife attack can be - no disrespect to present company intended .
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    Stalk him like game, quietly and from a distance. Donít talk. Shoot when/if appropriate.

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    I'm not a cop so my first objective is not to be in a standoff situation with this guy. Sorry, my health is more important than Joe Public's. I have no duty to protect him, but I may if the situation warrants. I might give a verbal warning about a New York second before taking the shot just for the camera's sake, but then again I may not. Situations and stuff.
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    If he is coming toward me I'm getting my gun in my hand, pressed beside my thigh, as I angle my body away to hide the gun. This would be a good reason for ambidextrous training. Knife or club are my weapon, same thing.

    Now I've crossed to the opposite side from him and going the opposite direction, as we draw level.

    If I have family etc I'm going nowhere, there will be a challenge, if not heeded dude will be shot to the ground.

    If I'm alone and make it past him, and get behind him for sure I'm stalking him, never losing sight of him for a second. I'm scanning for exits the whole time, especially that get me up above him, and where I can set up ambush if he follows. Escalator to an upper floor would be perfect.

    Also scanning for accomplices. Not closing with him unless he redirects toward me, and then I'm angling away to put ambush type cover or height in the distance between us. Also to include fatal funnels for him.

    Always a challenge, unless he runs or sprints at me. But definitely my gun or weapon is in my hand.

    If he has me cornered, or family etc are with me I'll challenge him and shoot him from any rediculous distance, and worry about that later.

    In a way, I want to be worried that I exceeded the legal parameters, because I'd rather err in that regard than wait till I feel sure I'm in the right, and wait to long, dithering and over analyzing.

    I've been in that unenviable situation before. Two men involved, one went to lookout and the other came straight at me saying "remember me."

    I said "stop or I kill you." He stopped but I saw his mind was working in next step. I immediately put a shot one foot past his head, into where I knew there was a hight brick wall beyond the road (that was empty of cars and people and behind him).

    He bounded backwards in two or three very fast bounds, like a kangaroo in reverse. That shocked me because I realised that he could have overrun me just as quickly, if not quicker.

    He retreated around the corner and peered at me from behind the wall. I said, "I could have killed you," and seeing that neither wanted to press the issue I hobbled on home, by a roundabout way.

    It was my first time out the house with a fractured femur, pinned in place by a K-nail. I completely dominated them by, checking my six, setting up ambush and responding to his body language response to my challenge. Also, by constantly keeping him on the react to me.

    It all began when three of them threatened me, I immediately found an ally and (assuming him to be the leader) struck the dude in the middle of the group of three so hard that he left for good. These two were the intrepid remnants of that first altercation. They firmly believed that if I had a weapon I would have shown it. I was barefoot, wearing elastic waist shorts and a cutoff type T-shirt that showed some of my waist. The weapon was in a clear lid lunch box the entire time, with a disposable dish cloth over it. As many South Africans carried their sandwiches.

    When dude rounded the corner, and saw me with my back against a wall, my gun was still hidden under my shirt. Hand up the shirt style. Waiting for him to close had given me time to press check and ensure the safety was off and hammer cocked, as it was single action 9mm. I had carried that gun, with a note from my mother, since age 15. Spent hundreds of hours assembling, disassembling and manipulating it in the dark, with live ammo, from age 13. From age 18 it was licenced to me and I was 27 when this incident happened. Everything was seamless. I slept wonderfully that night. Like a panther in the jungle. :)

    Next day, I began plotting on a much more fearsome handgun for my arsenal. I already had an M1 Garand, from age 25, as well as a Lee Enfield No4. Shortly, I bought my Glock 20 and a burgandy Karrimor fanny pack to carry it in with two spare mags. Speer Gold Dot 155 grain that were 1350 fps.

    Man, that may sound like retarded ways to carry guns but I carried full time. Here we encourage each other to do that but living like that 24-365 actually is a chore. The fanny pack made it much more doable, while of course being slow.

    I still have it, never washed and carrying a Stoeger 8045 and spare magazine, in memory of my earlier Beretta, that I used that night. I loved the 8045 when I first saw it in Cali in around 2000. So when they were selling for $299 we stocked up

    Still have the Star PD I bought within 3 weeks of arriving in USA. I'm big on those nostalgic guns. They are good companions, not just tools.

    Then, recently, I bought a Glock 20 again, and after being apart 22 years it was very nostalgic having one again. That kind of gun is bread and butter in a place like South Africa. And I keep at least two offensive handguns, because they are the shit, IMO.

    What that incident showed me is, you are never too fucked up to do battle. The femur was still very much broken, bone ends clicking and just a rod through where the marrow usually is. The dove and tail ends of the femur stopped my leg turning around, as the muscles pulled the ends together.

    No problem, suck it up and get warring. That's why I say to this day, it's bad news for someone's when your viking (in my father's side) gets going. Three men couldn't match up against one cripple, and thank God too, for His covering.

    Pertaining to the scenario, I have been tested, I won't hesitate when the threat is real. I just didn't want to have to kill someone because it's wrong to do unless you absolutely have to. I almost had to, and wish I had fired the warning even earlier, say at 10 yards instead of six or seven. Given the luxury of choice, challenge at 15 plus yards, I'd say. So, I should have based my ambush at least 9 yards further from the corner.

    What I really liked about my plan is, there was no room for misunderstanding. I turned down a side street, if they hadn't turned there would not have been an ambush. Make the attacker choose to go after you works better legaly, I think. If you have a choice in the matter.

    I'm ever willing to cross the road or whatever I have to do to maintain distance and force any potential attacker to react to my move, and expose their intent.
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