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    Title says it all.

    When I was 8, my parents told me how hard it was to be an adult, that Id understand why things were how they were, then (lots of yelling, stress, money problems, etc.) and Id miss being a kid.

    They were wrong. I live how I thought I would, and dont worry about how Ill afford clothing or food, and I work 3 days a week.

    Im most proud about taking my concepts from my 8 year old mind to my 32 year old reality.

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    I am proud to be called father and grandfather by children and grandchildren who are not my blood. After a terrible custody battle in a 1985 divorce, I remarried with custody of my two sons. My wife had four children, ages four to 11. Blending this family was and continues to be a challenge. That I have six children and 14 1/2 grandchildren who honor me with this title, with no “step” mentioned, means a lot to me.

    It is an honor to be called father, similar to how we honor our Heavenly God with the title Father. He is the Father of our spirits, and we should try to be like Him.
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