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    Default Shpooting at CA bar kills 12

    Busy bar in CA gets shot up by a guy wearing all black and a mask. 12 dead including a Sheriffs Deputy who responded.
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    The killer had run ins with the police previously. A former Marine -- armed with a Glock 21 .45-caliber handgun with an illegal extended magazine -- opened fire on a packed California country music bar Wednesday night, killing 12 people, including a veteran sheriff's sergeant nearing retirement, officials said.

    Authorities believe Ian David Long eventually turned the gun on himself, but not before the 28-year-old, dressed in all black, terrorized a crowd filled with college students at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Long's body was found in an office near the entrance of the bar.
    .............Sheriff Geoff Dean, who is set to retire on Friday, said Long may have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and was known to law enforcement officials due to several unspecified "contacts" stretching back multiple years.
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    One of my good friends I grew up with moved out west to go to school to study Film at Pepperdine. He now teaches there after graduating in between his play/script writing. He knew a few students that were affected by this horrible event. Really brings it close to home when someone you know is affected by it. Prayers for all involved and their families.

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