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    Default Letís talk about good shit

    This thread is only for sharing good shit that is going on in your life. I think we all need to spend a little more time focusing on the positive.

    I believe it was Abraham Lincoln that said we are only as happy as we choose to be. I think he was right. We all get dealt a bad hand sometimes, and some hands are a lot worse than others. But we can either trudge along just getting by, or we can choose to live a life of excellence and fulfillment, no matter how humble our circumstances.

    So what is going on in your life that is great? What is happening that is good, or just, or something that makes you smile? What blessings can you share that might illuminate your brotherís dark night?

    For my part, I have a few friends who recently got new positions with more money and responsibilities. One of whom was laid iff and had a real struggle finding something good.

    I have another dear friend who is fighting lung cancer. As of now she is winning.

    Yet another friend had a serious, life threatening accident several months ago. Several surgeries later and after months of PT, he is working out every day, has a demanding and lucrative job, and is kicking ass across the board.

    Those things all inspire the hell out of me. Stuff like that keeps me from even considering moping about any of my problems.

    So tribe, letís hear it.
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    Been an avid diver my whole life. Former instructor. All my kids are certified. That's them last summer. Spearfishing trip. Last Saturday I solo'd taking my 1 and 3 year-old grandsons to Disney on Ice, dinner, then bath and bed time. They are already carrying on the tradition!
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    Spent some time in the Wind River mountains a couple weeks ago, canoeing and camping. Easy to set aside an insane world when paddling and fishing on a lake at 8000', surrounded by 12000' peaks. Ever so quiet and peaceful.

    Love the natural world.


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    My kids. (17 y/o senior filling out college applications to GOOD schools. And my 5 year old who is already growing into a fierce little beastie...)

    My wife. She works hard, makes a lot of money, and let’s me indulge in my hobbies and passions like sending me off to the Prescott area every year or so. (As well as other important skills not related to this forum...)

    My parents. Both are still alive. My Dad and I still shoot together, and at 78 y/o he still qualifies “Expert” on his R-LEOSA quals...

    The fact that even in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, I am able to exercise my right of self-defense, have National CCW reciprocity thanks to R-LEOSA after 22 years on the job, and have access to a good place to train.

    This Forum and this tribe. For the incredible knowledge and experience shared here by amazing teachers.

    Thank you.

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    Two guiding principles:

    1. Happiness is overrated. Seek contentment.
    2. FIDO

    Took some hits this year, had some losses. Still standing.

    And God has blessed me with sons, grandkids and a loving wife.
    Totally thankful for blessings totally undeserved.
    Warrior for the working day.

    Es una cosa muy seria. --Robert Capa

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    "What cannot be remedied must be endured."

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    IMG_0811.jpgJake my son attended the last Force on Force class. He had a great time as one of the "Boys" and he still talks about it.

    He swam in the AZ State Small High School swim finals over the weekend. He was the Small School State Champion in the 50 Free and 2nd place in the 100 free. Tonight he swam in the Tournament of AZ Champions of all High School swimmers and was the only freshman in the race of Juniors and Seniors and is the 10th fastest swimmer in the State at the 50 Free.

    My Senior daughter was 4th in the AZ State Small High School swim finals in the 200 IM.

    They are both straight A Students and I could not be more proud of my student athletes.
    Don M.
    Scottsdale, AZ

    "Man's flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge"

    Austin 'Dusty' Miller, the quote on the Eagle & Fledgling statue at the U.S. Air Force Academy

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    My daughter is pregnant with my first grandson, and my son is about to leave on his first deployment in the US Navy.

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    -I managed to close on the 6.5 acres next to me a few weeks ago, and put in a range on it. It took me 5 months of working 100-130 hours a pay-period to come up with the 15% down for it, and through it all, my girlfriend only flipped out over it once, and it was not directed at me, but more just frustration over me being away so much. Personally, having been together less than a year, that level of support is something I am surprised and feel blessed by.

    -My Mazda has made it to 97K miles with the only replaced part due to inherent issues being the battery (road debris and other things have caused other repair bills, but not its fault) which is amazingly better than the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee I had before. DONE with that sort of brand. Hoping to keep this one "until it dies", and hoping that's a long time from now. Replaced tires and brakes, and it now drives like the day I bought it 3 years ago with 28K miles on it.

    Got rid of this POS for it back in 2015, and it's been amazing to not have to be in the shop every few weeks! Getting rid of my Jeep counts as one of my more proud life decisions.

    *In case you're wondering, I clocked my Jeep at 0-60 in around 7 seconds, and my CX5 at around 7.8 seconds. They both handle snow and ice identically. The Jeep got 16mpg on average and took 89, the Mazda gets 25-26mpg and takes 87. During the time I owned the Jeep (1 year, from 68 to 93K miles), it had: Front left/right LCA's replaced due to rotted bushings, waterpump replaced, recall disabled my 4WD Low, and I had to buy a new/used computer from a wreck in Canada because Chrysler couldn't fix their N23 recall, The transmission was taken out once for leaking, and then leaked again 6 months later, the sunroof track broke, gascap had to be replaced, and the transmission developed a "shudder" at around 45mph where it would try/not/try/not to go into 5th gear. When cranked in <50*F weather it would squeal loudly, even though new belts.

    The Mazda, from 28K to 97K miles over the 3 years, has been through 2 windshields due to rocks hitting them, 1 new fender-well arch due to a large chunk of concrete in Houston being kicked up by a car in front of me, 1 fog lamp burned out, 1 battery needed replacing, and I flooded the rear diff crossing a stream and it died full of water 2 months later, which simply de-activated it electronically and I drove it as a FWD vehicle until the dealer fixed it (for free). It drives like it was new.

    So all in all, I'm pumped about heading for the triple-digits with the CX5, and about how much better it handles and how much quieter it is now that I got those shitty Nokian tires off and replaced them with some Generals.

    That's about what I've got for the last 30 days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holmes375 View Post
    Spent some time in the Wind River mountains a couple weeks ago, canoeing and camping. Easy to set aside an insane world when paddling and fishing on a lake at 8000', surrounded by 12000' peaks. Ever so quiet and peaceful.

    Love the natural world.

    Beautiful! how clear is the water? It's hard to tell in your photo. Is it one of those "See straight down 20ft" type mountain lakes?

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    Ups and downs as life tends to do. The family is getting back on board with things and moving as a unit.
    Got a steal of a deal in a G19.4 and the M&P is still around. The Glock is surprisingly easy for mentobshoot.
    Eating habits have drastically improved for all of us.
    Getting back to lifting afters too long hiatus.
    All in all, life is good.

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