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    Default A Time Of War: Refugee Thought He Was Teaching Terrorists

    Sometimes when I am teaching our segment on Aggressive-Proactive Gunfighting, I have one or two in class whom I know disagree. They don't believe me when I tell them we have a little bit of insider infor and that the bad guys are out there planning to kill them and their families. That LE CT units often infiltrate and interdict them, but that once in a while, the bad guys are successful...and when that happens, it is up to them to kill the terrorist. So indoctrinated in the Fear Biter School Of Tactics, that they cannot grasp the reality of our times. Here is one that came across my screen today.

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    Refugee Thought He Was Teaching Terrorists To Build Bombs, But They Were FBI

    Tucson, AZ – An Iraqi refugee who traveled from Arizona to Las Vegas to teach undercover federal agents how to make bombs was arrested on Monday.Court documents just unsealed explained the elaborate ruse used to set up the sting operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), . Ahmad Suhad Ahmad, who was born in 1988, had been living as a refugee in the United States for the past 10 years. He was running a mechanic shop in Tucson when the investigation began.

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