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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    You may be waiting awhile. The Chinese Lynx is a saiga clone and sells for under $500.
    Always save boxes and original accessories. New or like new in the box with the matching number =$$$.

    Look at "$200" Polytechs NIB.


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    Quote Originally Posted by choirboy View Post
    Two Saigas waiting for the collector value to go even higher. Tube fed 870s for my go to shottys. I bought full length brass casings to reload for the Saigas. They work. You could use plastic if the first mag round was brass. I have one drum; it is not a bet your life mag.

    Box mag shottys are a solution looking for a problem.

    I could never find any of the steel hulls and I did buy some brass hulls for my saiga, but never reloaded them and the saiga has been sitting for years untouched. I may do something with it. I did learn from others here that the bolt carrier-piston have a design defect that will cause it to crack after extended use. Maybe I will sell mine if I never get around to using it. I am working with more useful guns at the moment. The piston on an AK is threaded into the bolt bolt carrier and you are supposed leave it not completely screwed in so that it can flex. They did not do that with the saiga.
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    Magazines on shotguns...are gay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOLF220 View Post
    Magazines on shotguns...are gay. a Justin Beaver kinda way.
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