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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    My comment is to the minutia of it. (In the other thread) What I want to fill the 30cal hole in my arsenal with the envelope beyond my 18" 556 Recce, and less than my 7mm rem mag. In this thread my statement above totally agrees with the two linked comments for engagements roughly equal to AK range. As can be gleaned by my attached medical review: Damage is caused by the transfer of energy to the soft body, killing is the result of shot placement. So for the math geeks out there:

    Energy Transfer = Damage/Trauma, Damage/Trauma = bleeding +/- shock = Death.
    Shot placement = Death

    2 different arguments with a response for each not 1 response for both.
    Fair enough, I can agree with that. Lots of people get lost in the weeds without really understanding the basic concepts.

    Sounds like I took your comments in the other thread out of context; sorry about that, I could only go by what I saw at the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    Gang, no matter how you slice it, it's all about the transfer of energy to the soft body (meat and bone). This is one reason I like 55gr 556 in a fast twist barrel for CQB work. It's easily deflected so it turns into a buzz saw inside of a soft body and spends all it's energy there as long as the body retains the round.

    There are 2 types of injury associated with a GSW, Temporary Wound Cavity which is caused by the transfer of energy to the soft tissue, and the Permanent Wound Chanel that is cause by crush damage of the round.

    Here's a medical article on the subject, I will let you draw your own conclusions:
    The issue I have with TSC vs. PWC, is that TSC causes insignificant results at lower velocity (<1800ish), but significant results at higher velocity. This is why the 0.5" expanded 5.56 @2700fps round did a ton more damage to my deer's organs than did the 1250cps 0.725" across 12ga round. In the pistol world, TSC is meaningless. In the rifle world, I've seen it matter a lot. TSC CAN be effective with massive deformation (think Civil War type large caliber, soft lead, or standard Foster) at below 1800fps.

    More in line with the OP, there are some very heavy monometal 300BLK rounds t hat will make up for t he lack of useful TSC by providing you a very significant PWC:

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