I bought the RMR Slide Package with adjustable RMR, tritium sights, and NP3 finish and I could not be happier. New G19, Gen 4, never fired. Age 60 with progressive lenses. The RMR mount looks as though it was forged with the slide and the pistol looks like a professional’s tool.

Range Time
After “zeroing” the dot on a yard ornament about 10 yards from my office I spent a few days on dry fire, drawing finding the front sight, seeing the dot, transitioning, repeat. Then I couldn’t stand it anymore and went to the range.

The tritium sights were dead on and produced tight groups all by themselves at 7 and 10 yds. Sighted red dot at 10 yds and groups got tighter. Good groups at 25 yds on 6 inch target. Consistently hit 3 and 4.5 inch steel target at all ranges but for the moment the sights have exceeded to shooter. Wife nailed target at 10 yds and hadn’t fired a pistol in 3 years.

As recommended, you find the front sight and the red dot is there. After some dry fire and a few rounds you do indeed begin to automatically transition from the irons to the dot without really noticing or trying. No impact on off the X reactive shooting at close range; still metal on meat there.

As for my glasses, aimed fire at distance no longer requires a pause to focus on the sights, then look downrange and focus there and once all the blurs are properly aligned, fire. Now it's look at target, put dot on target and fire with a far more likely hit in a far smaller area.

The only other thing of note is the NP3 seems to give the Gunfighter holster a challenge when adjusting the tension.

The system is better than I am and will allow me to grow into it. Read the “how to” articles and books and watch the videos ahead of time.
If you’re in a hurry, spend the extra money for the Supermatch slide package and skip the wait time for milling, NP3 application, etc. I think my trigger might improve with use but an SI trigger and match barrel are the next round of upgrades.