Incidents like this happen quite frequently throughout africa and asia and often are not reported on our mass media. This one was. I can not recall any incidents of Christians attacking muslim groups.
Nov. 2, 2018 / 10:24 AM ‎CDT
By Associated Press

CAIRO Islamic militants on Friday ambushed a bus carrying Christian pilgrims on their way to a remote desert monastery south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, killing at least seven and wounding 12, the Interior Ministry said.
Coptic Orthodox Church spokesman Bouls Halim said the death toll in Friday's attack was likely to rise. Local church officials in Minya province where the attack took place, put the death toll at 10, but the higher figure could not be confirmed. .............
Friday's attack is the second to target pilgrims heading to the St. Samuel the Confessor monastery in as many years. The previous attack in May 2017 left nearly 30 people dead.The Interior Ministry, which oversees the police, said the attackers used secondary dirt roads to reach the bus carrying the pilgrims, who were near the monastery at the time of the attack.