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    This should be applied to this chick.

    So this is here MO.... going out to a club and choking down someone she thinks has slapped her ass? The video doesnt really give me any answers the the obvious WTF ones


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    I'd let her choke me out..... After she pulled guard on me for an hour or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    I'd let her choke me out..... After she pulled guard on me for an hour or so.

    An hour or so!? I'm eating a sandwich and watching Law and Order reruns in about 20 minutes. 25 with foreplay.
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    What I find interesting about this story is how many girls suddenly know how to execute MMA techniques expertly. I saw a clip the other day where the girl landed accurate and powerful Hammer Fist Strikes, slipped in smoothly behind the other girl and put her to sleep in a matter seconds with a Standing Rear Naked Choke.

    I am not saying that girls in the past did not know how to fight or were not willing to throw down but it is the level at which they are fighting at that intriques me-No hair pulling and open hand slaps. This shows a dedicate some time and effort on the mat. Not only in learning how to fight but with the added desire to do it well.

    Apart from the fact that their seems to be more girls fighting things have not really changed that much. Kids recording the fights on their phones and them placing those clips on social media is simply the way people choose to achieve their goals. One or both of the fighters looking for fame/notoriety and an audience enjoying the fight.

    Which also means that the warning signs have not changed. People trying to pull you into a fight-Blamed for a spilled drink/Talking to the wrong girl. While this is happening you notice people starting to form a audience around you in anticipation.(While reaching for their phones) Since the motives are the same we can simply continue to use the Flowchart and
    training-Being familiar with Grappling both in the clinch and on the ground.


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    I'm not buying it.

    No reaction what-so-ever. Even if your
    buddy grabbed you from behind, you would
    react in some fashion, but this guy does
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    Why is this even still a topic?
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